Deli Lingo

Deli Lingo

Balebos – Boss.

Blintz – A Crepé.

Bris – Circumcision; Catered by Pumpernick’s.

Bubbie – Grandmother.

Bupkis – Nada, nothing or as your friend would say, “He’s not worth Bupkis”

Challah – Braided egg bread, “Pumpernick’s French Toast”

Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls – Pumpernick’s penicillin. This is the real Rx to cure what ails you. Like Bubbie said “It might not help, but it couldn’t hoit”!

Chutzpah – “A lotta noive.” It takes lots of chutzpa to think you can finish a sandwich at Pumpernick’s

Fleishig – Meat product.

Forshpies –  An Appetizer. Also, nosh.

Fresser – A big eater. One who never takes a doggy-bag home from Pumpernick’s.

Gefilte Fish – It’s a fish and it used to swim. That’s about all we know. Served as forshpies on holidays.

Gelt – Money. Chanukah money.

Gribenes – Bits of well fried chicken skin. Jewish bacon. A delicacy to the old timers, and you know who you are.

Horseradish – Jewish salsa. Great with that other fish (Gefilte).

Kasha and Varnishkes – Buckwheat with bow tie pasta (needs gravy on the side).

Kibitz – Joking around.

Klutz – Clumsy person.

Kishke – Stuffed derma. Kinda like stuffing.

Knish – Pastry dough stuffed with different goodies. Potato is my favorite.

Kreplach –  Jewish won ton with beef.

Kugel – Noodle pudding with lots of things. Sweet is the best.

Kvell – Expressing pleasure over Pumpernick’s food.

Kvetch – To Whine. And we all know that Pumpernick’s is a no kvetching zone.

Latke – A potato pancake, served with sour cream & apple sauce. Also, can be used as a compliment to a good looking lady. “She is a good lukin latke.”

Lox – Used to be a Sunday brunch special. Not anymore…Served daily with bagels & cream cheese. (Nova Scotia Lox is less salty than Regular Lox.)

Macher – A big shot. You are always a Macher at Pumpernick’s.

Machatunim – Your children’s in-laws.

Mandel Bread – Jewish biscotti.

Maven – An expert. Everyone at Pumpernick’s is a maven.

Mensch – A good person.

Meshpuchah – Family.

Meshuganneh – Crazy. If you don’t like the food at Pumpernick’s you are a Meshuganneh.

Naches – Feeling of pride (from our grandchildren, of course).

Nebish – A Nerd. Even the nebish find their way to Pumpernick’s.

Nosh – A little bit to eat. No calories, cause it’s just a nosh.

Nu? – “Wattsup?”

Oy – Oy.

Pate – Chopped liver at a fancy party.

Prake – Stuffed cabbage in a sweet ‘n sour tomato sauce.

Punim – Face. A happy punim is always welcomed to Pumpernick’s.

Rugallahs – Hand-made mini strudels. Ours are delish.

Schlemiel – A clumsy person.

Schlimazel – An unlucky person.

Schmear – A spread on a bagel.

Schmooze – Talk, talk, talk about the other place.

Schnorrer – Someone who takes advantage of you. A beggar.

Shlep – To carry or to drag, even yourself.  “ Let’s shlep to Pumpernick’s.”

Tochis – Rear end (butt).

Tsuris – Trouble.

Zaftig – Pleasantly plump.

Zaidy – Grandfather.